Our Team


Hi my name is Caittie. I am a Fully Licensed Master Barber. I am a 3rd generation barber following the footsteps of my Father (Joe) and my Gido (Elias). I specialize in fading and have an extent knowledge on all types of hair cuts and styles. Please call or message me at (613) 422-6532 or DM me on Instagram to book an appointment.


Hi my name is Joe. I am the owner/operator of Joe’s Sports Barber Shop. We are a family establishment. I have followed the footsteps of my father (Elias) and my daughter Caittie following mine. I am a Fully Licensed Master Barber &  and Licensed Hairstylist. I have a deep knowledge on all hair types. I would welcome you to book an appointment at (613) 422-6532 or hit us up on Instagram.